Technology Needs Assessment


April 22, 2022


Clean Energy Works seeks a technology consultant to assess our enterprise technology needs and recommend solutions that will integrate well with each other. 

Please send proposals (as PDFs) via email to  by Friday, May 6. 

We hope to hire a consultant by the end of May, complete the process with the consultant over the summer, and begin implementation of the proposed solutions in the fall.

An information session to learn more will be held via Zoom Thursday, April 28 at 3:30pm ET. If you are interested in attending, please email to for the meeting link. 


About Clean Energy Works

Clean Energy Works is a fully remote nonprofit organization that champions inclusive utility investments which make clean energy solutions accessible to all. We envision a world with a 100% resilient clean energy economy that provides opportunities and benefits for everyone. 

Clean Energy Works connects champions of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and economic inclusion with resources to accelerate investment in clean energy solutions such as grid-integrated electric vehicles, on-site solar panels, and building energy efficiency and electrification upgrades. We provide advisory services to policy-makers, public interest groups, and companies interested in rapidly scaling up investment in the clean energy economy. 

As interest in inclusive utility investments have grown, so has Clean Energy Works.  We are currently in a growth phase, anticipating nearly doubling our current personnel (staff and contractors)  from six to ten by the end of 2022. Our budget is growing in tandem with our staffing from $700,000 in 2020 to an estimated $2.3M in 2022. Clean Energy Works is a fully remote, cloud-based organization with staff and contractors located in the United States and abroad. 

Our need

Our current technology infrastructure does not support our rapid organizational and programmatic growth. Our current solutions of managing workflow through spreadsheets is not integrated at an enterprise level and is not scalable as our team grows. We have adopted a few different software products to support our programs and management, but much of this technology is not fully utilized,  integrated effectively, or only works for one area of our organization . We need assistance in assessing our current needs and identifying how we can build systems and solutions to sustain our anticipated growth. 

Our goal is to work with the consultant to identify our current and projected technology needs and the most appropriate technology solutions that will enable Clean Energy Works to perform more efficiently. We are interested in integrated solutions for the following functional areas:

  • Finance: Budget tracking by project, year over year forecasting, reporting, etc. 
  • Program Management: for initiatives including cross-cutting ones and a fellowship program (LMS), CRM (approx 7500 records), etc.
  • Communications: after our website redesign and rebranding in early 2022, ensuring continued engagement by various audiences
  • Fundraising/Development: prospecting, pipeline management, reporting, grants management, online donations, etc.
  • Organizational Operations: knowledge management, etc.
  • Others as identified

Scope of work

We invite an assessment of our current policies, procedures, and operations to learn how Clean Energy Works currently functions and the needs and pain points we are currently experiencing. Based on this assessment, the consultant will propose a technology strategy that includes recommended software and changes in how we use and manage organizational technology. This would include recommended CRM and LMS software, among others.

Deliverables from Consultancy Engagement

  • Technology Assessment Report
    • A slide deck  with a detailed analysis and assessment of existing systems and needs to scale successfully. A written report to complement this deck is optional. 
    • Summary report of data and insights garnered from interviews with key personnel and other research.
    • A presentation to the Leadership Team including review of the Technology Assessment Report.
  • Implementation Plan 
    • Practical recommendations of solutions for needs identified in Assessment Report
    • Includes cost and time frame of implementation 
    • The plan will lay out alternative options as applicable.
    • Identify high risk issues needing immediate attention and develop a plan to address.
    • A presentation to the Leadership Team including review of the Implementation Plan. This could be combined with the presentation of the Technology Assessment if logical. 
    • Implementation Plan should consider:
      • Integration across technology solutions and ability to share information across locations and departments and reporting capabilities
      • Cyber security needs
      • Considerations for future growth, including additional staff, new sites, etc.
      • Remote access by dispersed teams
      • Staffing needed to manage systems including identifying required specific skills, certifications, knowledge etc.
      • Training needs of all users
      • Maintenance needs
      • Cost effectiveness of solutions – including utilizing technology that is offered for a free or reduced price to non-profits Clean Energy Works is committed to solutions that offer the best value rather than just lowest price

Proposal Contents

  • Background – Describe how your firm is positioned to provide the deliverables listed above and a history of your experience providing similar services. Explain any history you have working with nonprofits.
  • Methodology – Describe your approach and methodology for creating these deliverables. 
  • Other – Describe any additional service items that may be of interest to Clean Energy Works.
  • References – Three references –  name, title, email, and telephone number – for clients whom you have provided similar services. Please provide information on services provided, customer size, and length of relationship with each client. Nonprofit references preferred.
  • Key Personnel – Resumes or qualifications for each key staff person, summarizing their experience and expertise. Describe each person’s role and responsibility with the project. 
  • Timeline – Proposed timeline for the project
  • Budget – Detailed pricing for the services proposed.