October 8, 2020

Accelerating Electric Bus Deployment in Latin America with ZEBRA 2.0

By: Jenna Barron

Clean Energy Works is delighted to be a partner for the second phase of the Zero Emission Bus Rapid-Deployment Accelerator – ZEBRA 2.0. This new phase of the project which started in 2018, will be launched this month and last into 2022. The collective goal of ZEBRA is to channel $1 billion USD of investment for the procurement of electric buses in Latin America and support cities in establishing a procurement pipeline of over 3,600 electric buses.

This initiative is supported by Partnerships for Growth (P4G) and led by C40 Cities and the International Council for Clean Transportation – ICCT. Supporting partners which includes Clean Energy Works along with Centro Mario Molina-Chile, World Resources Institute, and the Global Green Growth Institute will complete the team and start working towards this ambitious goal in São Paulo, Mexico City, Medellín, and Santiago and expanding to other cities in Colombia.

To accelerate and scale the deployment of electric bus fleets, new business and financing models are critical. Utilities are a necessary part of this equation and can bring in investments needed for charging infrastructure and batteries. Clean Energy Works specializes in providing technical assistance for equitable cost recovery mechanisms for solar power and energy efficiency. Building on the feasibility study we conducted for electric buses in Lima, Clean Energy Works is applying the lessons learned including on the importance of integrating the interests of financial institutions in the region and utilities to jointly develop solutions that mitigate the risks of these new investments on public transport.

In support of the local authorities in Colombia and Brazil and together with our partners, Clean Energy Works looks forward to engaging stakeholders to model and analyze financing solutions to address the barriers faced by public bus operators and investors.

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