July 11, 2019

Focus on equity and energy efficiency with The Climate Reality Project

By: Jenna Barron

Dr. Holmes Hummel was honored to be a part of The Climate Reality Project’s Leadership Corps Training in Atlanta, GA this March.

This three-day training, lead by former Vice President Al Gore, brought together world-renowned scientists, communicators, and social justice advocates to train hundreds of everyday people how to fight climate change. After a stirring panel on equity and energy, Climate Reality invited a guest blog discussing our work on building energy efficiency upgrades and financing a clean energy future for all.

Climate action plans often call for widespread building energy efficiency upgrades, rooftop solar, and shared mobility solutions using electric vehicles – electrifying everything while we green the grid. Yet, most households are locked out of the clean energy transition by upfront cost barriers. To learn more about our work to overcome these barriers through inclusive financing, read the full article here.

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