July 10, 2019

Hewlett Foundation supports work on financing clean transportation

By: Jenna Barron

Clean Energy Works has been awarded a multi-year grant from the Hewlett Foundation to advance our goal to catalyze more investment in clean transport, starting with $1 billion for 4,000 electric buses and ultimately aiming to drive new diesel buses out of transit fleets in more than 50 cities within three years.

To achieve this ambitious goal, Clean Energy Works will accelerate uptake of PAYS, an innovative utility investment system with a proven track record for overcoming barriers to upgrades for energy efficiency in buildings, to the innovative application of investments in the batteries and charging stations of electric vehicles. 

We look forward to working with the Hewlett Foundation for the duration of this grant and accelerating the electrification of transit bus fleets to reduce diesel emissions, improve public health, and combat climate change.

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