Buses, Buildings, and Beyond: Inclusive Financing on the Main Stage

Clean Energy Works is pleased to announce two upcoming presentations by Dr. Holmes Hummel on inclusive financing and how Pay as You Save (PAYS) programs for buildings and buses to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy.

On April 19, Dr. Hummel will give a keynote address at the Advancing Renewables in the Midwest conference. This talk will focus on PAYS programs for energy efficiency upgrades in buildings that are or have been operating in seven U.S. states. Most of these have been implemented by cooperative and municipal utilities and have secured millions of dollars of low cost capital for investment in service areas recognized for persistent poverty. Dr. Hummel will not only share lessons learned from these programs already in place, but also discuss how PAYS can be applied in other sectors, such as transportation, and how inclusive financing can be a win-win-win situation for utilities, all of their customers, and the climate.

In June, Dr. Hummel will be delivering a mainstage talk at VERGE Hawaii. Last year, Dr. Hummel spoke at VERGE Hawaii on how inclusive financing can help scale clean energy investments in distributed energy solutions from better buildings to clean transit. This year, in an address titled “The Road to 100%: An Energy Transition for Everyone,” Dr. Hummel will focus on charting a path to connect local governments’ commitments to achieving 100% clean transport and the value proposition to their utilities.

Videos of these presentations will be shared when they are available. In the meantime, to learn more about PAYS for buses or buildings and how Clean Energy Works can support those interested in adopting or promoting inclusive financing, visit our website or send an email to info@cleanenergyworks.org.