Climate Strategies Accelerator selects Clean Energy Works for 2017 Oil Breakthrough Lab

“Think a world without oil is possible?  Here’s your chance to prove it.”  That was the challenge posed by the Climate Strategies Accelerator when they announced the Oil Breakthrough Lab, a worldwide challenge that drew more than 500 candidates from 89 countries. Among the 8 Fellows selected is Dr. Holmes Hummel, whose work on inclusive financing for building energy efficiency upgrades shows even greater potential for rapid uptake in the transportation sector.

The Climate Strategy Accelerator’s announcement includes recognition for Clean Energy Works along with luminaries in the field such as Nnimmo Bassey (Nigeria) and Fuiquing Yang (China).  Fellows will draw on the resources of the Accelerator to fast-track the development of their ideas into working prototypes for initial application.  Sponsors of the Accelerator include Good Energies, the Oak Foundation, and the Packard Foundation, and Fellows will have the opportunity to present their opportunities for impact to funders later this year.

Through the Accelerator, Clean Energy Works will be able to advance the application of tariffed on-bill programs to transit buses, which are essential infrastructure in cities around the world.  Dozens of major cities have already pledged to move toward zero emission fleets, yet financing has proven to be a key constraint slowing the transition.  Once applications to transit fleets are well underway, additional vehicle classes can be covered as can upgrades to buildings with additional distributed energy solutions.