“A Huge Difference in Comfort and Cost”

The Alliance to Save Energy has raised the visibility of inclusive financing through its vast network by highlighting the story of Kassy Starr and her farming family in Arkansas.

Kassy joined the HELP PAYS® program offered by Ouachita Electric, and with thanks to the upgrades they received, the Starrs were able to expand their farm and invest in their future.

“The whole process to get started was so easy,” Starr says, “and the next thing I know they’re calling to set up the upgrades: insulation, installing the new HVAC system, then Ouachita Electric came out to confirm it was all done correctly.”  The upgrades were completed in September 2016, and energy use dropped nearly 23 percent compared to the year before, even though September 2016 was hotter (and required more air conditioning power) than 2015.

“It immediately made a huge difference in our home’s comfort,” Starr says. “The new air conditioning was so much better at the end of the summer—before, we were running our air conditioning nonstop, and the house was still too warm.”

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