Alliance to Save Energy raises the visibility of inclusive financing

The Alliance to Save Energy, the largest national energy efficiency coalition in the U.S., invited our own Holmes Hummel to make the case for inclusive finance on its Blog to Save Energy, publishing a concise article that explains the concept and its importance in the field.

Founded in 1977, the Alliance to Save Energy is a bipartisan alliance of business, government, environmental and consumer leaders advocating for enhanced energy efficiency across all sectors of the economy. Its mission is to promote energy efficiency to achieve a healthier economy, a cleaner environment and enhanced energy security.

Inclusive financing advances ASE’s mission by accelerating investment, especially in underserved market segments.  Hummel recapped the breakthrough that has opened the clean energy economy to all by using a utility tariff rather than other financial instruments:

“…with an on-bill tariff based on the PAYS system, the utility makes an investment that is qualified by the cost effectiveness of the upgrade rather than the creditworthiness of the individual customer.  Therefore, all customers are eligible regardless of income, credit score, or renter status.”

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