Clean Energy Financing Solutions Center broadcasts international briefing on Inclusive Financing for Distributed Energy Solutions

Update: Slides from this briefing are now available for download.

The Clean Energy Finance Solutions Center drew interest from more than 170 people in 40 countries with its broadcast on “Inclusive Financing for Distributed Energy Solutions.” This was the third session presented by the CEFSC since launching at the international climate negotiations in Paris. The broadcast introduced tariffed on-bill financing for customers in grid connected areas around the world, explaining how it works and summarizing field results that show why it has been identified as a high-impact innovation in finance. Participants included representatives from the private sector companies, governments, research institutions, multilateral international agencies, and civil society stakeholders.

The broadcast featured the experiences of two CEOs of distribution utilities in the U.S. that have used the Pay As You Save® (PAYS®) approach to rapidly scale up investment in energy efficiency in areas marked by conditions of persistent poverty. While utilities are often perceived as opposing investments in energy efficiency upgrades that would reduce future sales, the utility executives shared how their companies are making gains by avoiding demand charges and other costs related to wholesale supply. They also cited improvements in customer satisfaction and benefits to local economic development, as their utilities invested in reducing energy waste.

The broadcast closed with a discussion of ways to get started, including self-serve resources like the Decision Tool for Utility Managers for decision-makers considering a tariffed on-bill investment program. More than 90% of the participants evaluating the broadcast said they “anticipate using the information directly in their work or organization,” and more than 80% said they anticipate applying that information “to develop or revise policies or programs in their country of focus.”

The Clean Energy Finance Solutions Center is a resource center dedicated to “helping governments mobilize investment in clean energy.” In addition to online broadcasts to support self-serve professional education, it also provides expert technical assistance to address a host of barriers to deploying capital for clean energy investments. The Finance Solutions Center is a project of the Clean Energy Solutions Center, an initiative of 10 countries in the Clean Energy Ministerial.